"The wisest mind has something yet to learn." -George Santayana

We graduate from law school, but do we know how to do a bond argument? Or how to negotiate a plea bargain? We practice law for 15 years, but do we know how to cross-examine a fingerprint examiner based on recent developments in the law and science? Or how to properly advise a non-citizen defendant when she pleads guilty?

The Training and Education Department is here to support the employees of the Division of Public Defender Services as they zealously represent Connecticut's indigent defendants. To that end our workshops and seminars are open to all attorneys in the Division – new and experienced.

We can help our lawyers by arranging assistance for hearings, trials and other legal situations. Our goal is to become a valuable resource for all division attorneys, whether it's in attending a timely workshop or seminar, or for one-on-one support.